Friday, September 21, 2018

Your Life is Pre-Determined

Your thoughts determine your experience of life, not what happens in your life. What happens on the level of form - how long you live, how rich or poor you are, whether or not you're faced with the challenge of heart disease, stroke, cancer, or what have you - was all determined before you ever appeared to be born. The instant you chose the ego on that metaphysical level, everything else was a done deal. That's why life here isn't fair. And don't ask why you should even bother? I just said you do determine your experience with your thoughts, and your experience is what's important. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Thursday, September 20, 2018

God is Not Letting You Dream This

Gary: You know some people might say that it's not very loving for God to let us dream a dream like this that always turns into a nightmare eventually. What would you say to that?

Arten: It's always amusing that those same people then want to turn around and say that God created the world! Talk about God not being loving. In answer to your question, God is not letting you dream this. In order to let you, He'd have to acknowledge a separation idea in the first place. We've already said that He doesn't . It's only because He doesn't that there is still perfect Oneness for you to wake up to. ~ Your Immoral Reality

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Addressing Unconscious Guilt

Given that the Course is the only teaching that not only addresses but completely explains the issue of unconscious guilt, it shows you how vital it is to make this teaching more available to more people. Right now most of the people who teach it don't even understand it. And the ones who quote from it without teaching it certainly don't understand it. They take lines from it out of context to support what they're teaching. But what the Course is teaching is that you can undo the ego that's in your mind, have the Holy Spirit heal all of your unconscious guilt, and be free. The fastest way to do that is to change the way you look at other people, events, and situations. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Suicide: The Dirty Little Secret of the Ego

Suicide is the biggest problem in the world that the world is in total denial of. It's the dirty little secret of the ego. Sure, people know about suicide, but they have no idea how widespread it is. More people die form suicide than are killed by all of the wars and all of the crime in the world combined. As just one example, more firefighters die from suicide than are ever killed in fires. Nobody wants to talk about it. Nobody wants to examine it. If someone is depressed, the system will put them on drugs and never look at the reasons. That's because the ego doesn't want to look at the issue of unconscious guilt, which is the real cause of suicide. The ego runs away from looking at it as fast as possible. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Monday, September 17, 2018

Forgiveness Thought Process on Self

You'a typical person in the sense that you have a tendency to project your unconscious guilt onto other people and make them wrong. But everybody has times when they blame themselves. This of for those times. When you're beating yourself up, remember this forgiveness thought process:

I am immortal spirit.
This body is just an image.
It has nothing to do with what I am.

~ Your Immortal Reality

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Holy Spirit Can Show Up in Many Ways

The Holy Spirit will not always show up to you as a Voice. The Holy Spirit can show up in the form of intuition, an idea, or a feeling and can speak through another person you're listening to, and  suddenly you may realize that what you're hearing is a good idea. Spirit can teach you in your dreams. There are numerous ways for the Holy Spirit to show up for you. Always be open to that.
~ Your Immortal Reality

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Every Act of Forgiveness

Every act of forgiveness undoes the ego, and the Holy Spirit removes the blocks to the awareness of God, or spirit's presence. The blocks are those walls of guilt in the mind that keep you from your awareness of what you really are. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Friday, September 14, 2018

Final Forgiveness Lesson

If you persevere and continue to practice forgiveness, then at some point you get down to the final layer of the onion. When you peel away that layer of the onion, then there's nothing left. The onion is gone. And that's the way it is with the ego. After your final forgiveness lesson, the ego is gone; it's been undone, and there's nothing left to interfere with your experience of what you are. There's no reason for you to reincarnate. Practicing forgiveness is how to break the cycle of birth and death. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Something Amazing is Happening

Because of your practice of forgiveness, there are lessons that you no longer need to learn, and the Holy Spirit is actually erasing the tapes, taking dimensions of time that held lessons you would have needed to learn if you didn't practice forgiveness, and making those dimensions disappear. And because you can't see everything that the Holy Spirit can see, you're sitting there thinking, THIS IS BORING. NOTHING'S HAPPENING.  But something amazing IS happening. More layers of the onion have been peeled away, and your ego is vanishing. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Healing Karma from Past Lives

Maybe you're watching TV and you forgive a news story that you see. Another layer of the onion is peeled away, but you think nothing's happening. In the meantime, the Holy Spirit is shining your forgiveness everywhere throughout the mind that is projecting the universe, and thus through the projection as well. It cuts through unconscious guilt and its projections karma like a laser beam. It goes through all of your past lives, all through the different dimensions of time, everywhere in the universe of energy and form, and through every parallel universe that appears to exist. Incredible things are happening! The Holy Spirit is actually collapsing time as you sit there. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Peeling an Onion

Think of the Hindu analogy of undoing the ego. It's like peeling an onion. To adapt that analogy for our purposes, let's say you forgive someone, in the Course's sense of the word. It's like peeling away a layer of an onion, or in this case, a layer of the ego. Maybe it will look to you like nothing's happened. Why? When you peel away the layer of an onion, it still looks like an onion. It still looks the same. But it's not really the same, because a layer of it has been peeled away.

Now, let's say you have perseverance. Maybe you occasionally have experiences of being very peaceful that encourage you. Or maybe something happens that would have made you feel bad in the past, and this time it doesn't make you feel bad. You realize that it's because you've been practicing forgiveness, and that the Holy Spirit is healing your mind at the level of the unconscious. So you keep going and you forgive again and again. What happens is another layer of the onion is peeled away. It may still look the same. So you go to the bathroom and you look in the mirror and you think it's the same old you, but it's not. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Monday, September 10, 2018

Definitive Statements

The mind will go to such lengths to avoid what the Course is saying and delay the clarification of it that people will read the Text and interpret it, usually incorrectly. They'll ignore the definitive statements of the Course, and start nit-picking and focusing on individual words or phrases that when taken out of context seem to support their interpretation. Yet everything the Course says must be put within the contest of the Course's large teaching, which shows up unmistakably in those definitive statements. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Nothing to Forgive, But...

When we're talking about forgiveness, we're talking about a choice. The choice is, what are you? Are you something separate from God? Are you an individual? Are you living in this world, really? Are you mortal ? Are you a body? Or are you spirit, one with your Source, changeless and eternal, immortal and totally invulnerable? If you are the latter, than there's nothing to forgive. Only a body has grievances to forgive. So forgiveness is s choice of what you want to believe yourself to be by choosing what the other person is. ~ Your Immortal Reality

Saturday, September 8, 2018

It's About Your Unconscious Mind

People think it's the beliefs that they have in their conscious mind that runs them, and that they can control their mind by changing their thoughts from negative to positive ones. That's not true when it comes to the big picture. It will only have a temporarily helpful impact. What REALLY runs us are the beliefs we have that are unconscious to us, the things we can't see. A Course in Miracles presents a way to actually heal and remove the things that are hidden in the deep canyons of the unconscious mind. Very few spiritual teaching do anything on that level. ~ Your Immortal Reality