Friday, August 30, 2019


Like the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, you will become Christ and be one with all of true Creation. The awareness of your oneness with Presence of God is yours because God gave it to you. You have forgotten it. Yet it is still there, buried in your mind. There is a way to remember. And by remembering, you will reclaim what you really are and where you really belong. ~ The Disappearance of the Universe

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Your Destiny

The law of forgiveness is this, ‘Fear binds the world, forgiveness sets it free. The world feels solid to you because fear binds it.  It didn't feel solid to J because he had forgiven the world. That's why the nails didn't hurt him as they were being driven into his flesh.  Being guiltless, his mind could not suffer – and someday you will attain the condition where you cannot suffer. That is the destiny the Holy Spirit holds out to you when you forgive the episodic fantasies of your bodily addicted ego.
~ The Disappearance of the Universe

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Negative Emotions

As far as the ego's plan is concerned, your seemingly multiple problems show up in this world in an attempt to get you to react - to feel bad, guilty, mad, defeated, bored, scared, inferior, self-conscious, annoyed, lonely, or superior and condescending. It's all some kind of a judgment, regardless of the form. As soon as you make that judgment, you give validity to the ego's world and reinforce the seeming reality of the separation and everything that goes with it. ~ The Disappearance of the

Saturday, February 23, 2019

You are the Same as God

As the ego's blocks are undone, and you grow in your awareness of spirit, love will not just be something that you do - it will be something that you are, which you share with God. It is not arrogant to think you are the same as God. That's simply the truth. What is arrogant is to think that you can be separate from God. That is the arrogance of the ego. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Friday, February 22, 2019

Monitoring Your Feelings

Some people have gotten used to monitoring their thoughts and catching themselves when they're thinking negatively. But few monitor their feelings. When people are feeling distraught, that's when arguments and violence happen. So you and others have also got to catch yourself as soon as you start to feel bad, judgmental, hurt inside, sorry, or uncomfortable in any way. It could be a subtle feeling or outright anger, but it's all the same, and it's always the ego. And as soon as you notice it, you need to stop. You want to stop thinking with the ego. If you're watching TV sand see a terrible news story - like a tsunami or an earthquake decimating an area - you need to stop and switch to the Holy Spirit. Think of the Holy Spirit in your mind. That's where the discipline comes in. You've got to do it. That's why the Workbook is so important, as it will help train people's minds to think that way.
~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Belief in a Universe of Time and Space

Our belief in the universe of time and space needs to be dispelled. In fact, the Course uses the word DISPEL 26 times. That belief can be returned to God and His Kingdom if we stop thinking with the ego, start thinking with the Holy Spirit, and see through the eyes of Christ. Will we still be shown bodies by the ego? Yes, until we gently lay our bodies aside for the final time and go home. But we can choose to acknowledge only reality with our belief. As the Course tells us, "Salvation does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice." Then knowing that as we  him we will see ourselves, it cannot help but dawn upon our mind that we are Christ as one, which is the perfect Love that we truly are. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Nothing Here is Permanent

Nothing here is permanent. What has seeming life one moment can be snuffed out the next. That's not meant to discourage you; it's meant to point you to something that can never be altered - something that can make you happy in a permanent way, because it's not dependent on what happens. That's real spirituality, and it can be there for you no matter what appears to happen. And you can still have your life. It's just that now you're looking at it differently, from above the battleground. You're looking at life - and everything and everyone you see -with spiritual sight. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Real Happiness Isn't Dependent on Circumstances

Happiness cannot be dependent upon circumstances. If it is, you're screwed, because the only thing you can count on in a world of shift and change is that it's going to shift and change. If you use the law of attraction and get what you want, which from observation seems to happen for about one in a hundred people who try it, it's still not going to last. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Monday, February 18, 2019

Giving up the World

It will take vigilance for you to change your mind, but that vigilance is the only thing that will lead you to happiness. There's nothing in this world that will do it. Does that mean you can't have the world? Ironically, you CAN Have it. You just can't BELIEVE IN it. That's how you give up the world, and you do have to give it up. But you give it up mentally, not physically, unless you feel guided by the Holy Spirit to do so in order to instill discipline. That's an individual guidance and it is not the same for everyone. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Go Back Home

The power that lights up the universe of time and space, and makes it seem so real to us is the power of our belief. Of itself, the universe is nothing. It's a projection that is coming from the deep canyons of our own collective, unconscious mind. And we, as one seemingly separate ego mind, are the cause of it. It wasn't a good idea, no more than it was a good idea for the prodigal son in J's profound mis-creation story to leave home. In fact, it was a bonehead move. All he found was scarcity. And even if he temporarily got a lot, it still wasn't everything, so it was still scarcity. But here can be no scarcity in perfect oneness, where you have everything by definition. The only logical solution for someone who left home when he shouldn't have is to go back there. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cult Course Teachers

If a teacher of the Course wants you to come and live with them, don't. That's a cult. A Course in Miracles is a self-study process, and that is clearly stated right in the Preface, "It is not intended to become the basis for another cult." If someone is setting up a "Course Community" - whether in North America, South America, Denmark, or any place else on Earth - and wants you to come and live with, or near, other Course students, don't go. They will make you somehow dependent on the community and perhaps even subtly persuade you to "donate" your money, car, and even your house to them. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Pursah: You've never been a vegetarian, have you? 
Gary: Nah, but I do believe there's a place for all of God's creatures - usually right next to the mashed potatoes. 
Pursah: That's all right, brother, as long as you don't make it real. Like anything else, if being a vegetarian is done from a place of love and as expression of love, then ti's a beautiful thing. If it's done to make other people wrong for NOT being vegetarian, then it will imprison the mind. I say that because you're meeting a lot of people now who are vegetarians, and it might be good for you to help them keep things in perspective.
~ Your Immortal Reality 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Sometimes you know something is stupid, and it doesn't stop you. And when you learn the ego thought system is stupid, that doesn't stop you from acting like an ego. It takes a lot of work, and a lot forgiveness. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

All Forgiveness Opportunities are the Same

If you're a Course student, then it doesn't matter if the image you're seeing is one that's in a movie that seems completely real, or one you see in your everyday life that seems completely real. They are both equally forgivable because they are both equally untrue. Even if you forget where you are, all you ever have to do is forgive what's right in front of your face. ~ Love Has Forgotten No One